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David Coughlin and Ian Collins are back with Season One of The Landlord Talk Show: the essential podcast for Landlords. Join us as we take a peek into everything you'll ever want to know if you're an experienced landlord, or if you're just starting out. Featuring the best success stories, quips, tips and debunking of the biggest myths, plus unpacking exactly what it takes to become a "super landlord." It's time to join the experts. 

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The Rents Versus Mortgages Episode

In this episode, the pros and cons of renting and mortgages - David and Ian discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of both. Plus, David makes his predictions on the state of the market over the next year.

The Downsizing Episode

In this episode, David and Ian weigh in on the dilemmas and tough decisions landlords face in the current market. Plus, David discusses whether or not landlords should downsize, and answers questions from the Mail on Sunday readers reacting to the “Four Horsemen of the Buy To Let Apocalypse."

The EPC Episode

We explore EPC ratings and how to increase them, confidence in the market and advice for landlords on buying or selling. We weigh up whether to go for auctions when selling or what the options are for staying put. Featuring special guest Joseph Everson. 

The Problem Tenants Episode

We delve deep into tenants, some of the problems that can arise, and how to fix them. Plus why many of us face property dilemmas and how to navigate around them. 

The Current Market Episode

We delve into what is really going on with the current market and interest rates. Plus find out why thinking you need to evict your tenants before selling is actually wrong.

Launch Episode

Join us as we deep dive into landlord success stories, struggles and hurdles along the way. We debunk myths, show you the best path to building a portfolio, and what you need to do when you're ready to sell up and cash in. It's time to learn from the experts.

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Podcast Hosts

David Coughlin

CEO of National Residential, Landlord Sales Agency and private landlord.

Ian Collins

British radio and television presenter, journalist and author.

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